Dagumountain leisure agriculture area

Dagushan Leisure Agricultural Area is located in the north of LUzhu District, the northernmost part of Taoyuan City. It covers Kengkou Village, Shanjiao Village, Shanbi Village and Waishe Village. It is radial shape along the 108-line and Tao 3 line roads with an area of 286.5515 hectares. It is connected to the Linkou District of New Taipei City in the north, to the Guishan District in the east, to Taoyuan and Zhongli District in the south, and to Luzhu, Haihuli, Dayuan and Taoyuan International Airport in the west.
Dagushan Leisure Agriculture Area has convenient transportation location. The southern area comes across Taoyuan Airport MRT A10 Shanbi Station and A11 Kengkou Station. It is the only leisure agricultural area directly accessible by MRT. The area is about 9-10 kilometers away from Taoyuan Railway Station and Taoyuan High-speed Railway Station, which takes about 20-25 minutes by car. The area is rich in organic vegetables, rice and green bamboo shoots; they have become the characteristic agricultural resources of the region. There are two deer farms (Shanjiao Deer Farm and Tianfu Deer Farm) in the district to provide water deer experience.
There are four leisure farms (such as Love Airport Farm, Quanyuan Farm), 18 experience farms, 2 agricultural processing factories and many cultural resources (such as Te-Hsin Hall and Kengkou Community Painted Village). Tourists can enjoy the beauty of Dagushan, abundant agricultural resources and the atmosphere of Taiwanese rural culture.