Yamay leisure agriculture area

Taoyuan Daxi Yueh-Mei Leisure Agriculture Area is next to “Daxi Old Street”. There is historic trail pass through with abundant landscapes, ecology, cultural and agricultural resources, including vast rice farm, Dahanxi riverbed landscape, century-old ditch with rich fish, shrimp and water plants, beautiful ponds and national historic site “Li Tengfang Ancient House”. These make the rural community full of vitality; residents here enjoy a happy life, brings development of leisure agriculture.
The core features here are “Farming Lecture, Agricultural Town.” You can experience farming, food DIY, agricultural art DIY, potted flowers. During weekends, there is farmer’s market, where you can buy local agricultural products and organic fruits and vegetables. The community promotes different activities and tours in accordance with four seasons for friends and families. The main ethnic group here is Hoklo Taiwanese. With local eating habit, there has developed different flavors of food and snakcs.