YangMei Leisure Agriculture Area

Yangmei Leisure Farm is located in the Fugang area of Yangmei District, it has both urban and rural features. The main agricultural products are rice, mesona, pear, tea and organic vegetable and fruit. Nearby is cultural and natural landscape, including base of Taiwan railway, Fugang old street, old house, temples, garden and ponds. It is planned to develop local feature based on “Fairyland Yangmei” as a leisure farm. Rice is the main agricultural product here. The main livestock production is cow; the milk production is around half of total production in Taoyuan. In addition, it is the place with the most ponds in the city, growing tilapia, silver carp and grass carp.
There is diverse agriculture, including fairy grass, Yangmei pear, Wenxin orchid, organic vegetable and fruit, fig, herbs and Hakka processed food.