Hundred-year-old Stone trap and Green tunnel bike riding

※Tour Name: Hundred-year-old Stone trap and Green tunnel bike riding
※Main Contact: Mr.Huang / 0905786166
※Schedule Recommendation:
Morning: Hundred-year-old Stone trap tour
Lunch: Local delicacy
Afternoon: Green tunnel bike riding
※Event Content:
The Hundred-year-old Stone trap ecological experience:
The Hundred-year-old Stone trap shows the wisdom and diligence of the ancestor, it’s a particular spot at the Xinwu Intertidal zone. For the lunch, you can enjoy the typical and nostalgic boxed lunch which used to make for the Taiwanese Beach Seine fisher.
Green tunnel bike riding experience:
The Green Corridor is up to 4 kilometers and it’s quite a sizable bicycle lane of the north Taiwan, you can enjoy the excitement of riding through the green tunnel without bringing your own bike. Feeling the grace of the natural, every moment is the most happiness time in life.
The tour will go by walk. Visitors who have any inconvenience of walking or who need to use a stroller for babies please consider if this is suitable.
Please prepare your own sunscreen, rain gear, drinking water and photographic equipment.