OceanHakka Leisure Agriculture Area

The Xinwu District’s proportion of Hakka population is as high as 80% , it’s completely a Hakka village. The traditional fishery here preserves many lifestyles that are different from the near mountain Hakka village, such like stone trap making, ancient net fishery, and so on. This is not only the inheritance value of traditional fishery, but also shows the solidarity spirit of the Hakka culture. In the area there has Green corridor, Yong-an Fishery Harbor, rich in natural ecological resources, ancient net fishery, Hundred-year-old stone trap, and many characteristic culture.
※Ancient net fishery experience
Ancient net fishery and stone trap is a common fishing method in the early years. It is an important fishing activity in the past fishing villages. Visitors here can experience the ancient net fishery cultural scenes of the year, and also shows the unique and simple mutual aid culture of Hakka fishing villages.
※Green corridor and coastal ecological experience
The Green Corridor is up to 4 kilometers and consists of wooded roadway and coastal roadway. It is planned to be a perfect pedestrian walkway and a bicycle-surrounding roadway. As long as you ride a bicycle, you can feel a touch of leisure between the greenery and the blue sea. Enjoy the warmth of the mountains and the sea.