LotusPark agricultural recreation area

Taoyuan Guanyin LotusPark Leisure Agriculture Area is located in the slope land of Guanyin area, mainly covering Xinhua Road, Dahu Road, Jinhua Road and surrounding farms and Lotus Tourist Area, covering 5 villages, namely Datong, Shangda, Lanpu and Jinhu and Dajyue. The area is mainly for high cash crop cultivation and leisure agriculture planning. The famous crops are lotus, watermelon, hibiscus, red dragon fruit, sunflower and organic vegetables. There are nearly 30 farms engaged in leisure agriculture, each with its own style. “Taoyuan Lotus Festival” has been held for 19 consecutive years, now the “North Guanyin, South Baihe” is well-known in the nation. The beautiful lotus flower is blooming and blooming in this area; it has become a famous tourist attraction in Taoyuan City. There is a 12-kilometer bike path connecting the lotus gardens. It has become a good place for parent-child activities.