Taoyuan Lotus Festival

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Activity Name: Taoyuan Lotus Festival
Activity Schedule: Every July to August
Location: Guanyin District LotusPark agricultural recreation area
Event Content: In the early years, due to the industrial development, the Dajyue River in Guanyin was polluted highly polluted. At that time, the water quality testing equipment was not common. Therefore, the conservation association raised the idea of planting lotus flowers around the river and used its survival rate to check the stability of water quality. Therefore, the lotus from Tainan Baihe was introduced in large quantities. For more than a decade, with the improvement of water quality, the lotus planted around the Dajyue River Basin grows in a stable environment. The beautiful flower feature has attracted many tourists, so there comes the slogan “South Baihe, North Guanyin.” Since 1999, the “Taoyuan Lotus Festival” is held in summer, when the Lotus Garden is in full bloom, in the Guanyin and Xinwu Districts, and the tourism activities is extended to the nearby neighborhood to promote local industries.